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The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize

Shigeo Shingo

Italy has implemented recent EU provisions on Circular Economy giving enterprises the opportunity to turn a typically Linear Economy grounded process of waste recovery into a Circular Economy framed finished system.

Driven as ever by the LESS LOSS principle and inspired by Shigeo Shingo's teachings, we will analyse your disposal system and the type of economy hidden behind it.

Our designers will inspect the current state of your disposal system and develop a focused project integrated with profitability calculations.
The workload for staff and equipment will be reduced and streamlined so that recycled wastes, now a cost, will turn into revenues and the already existing value of your business will be highlighted in two key steps:


Reducing handled materials in order to noticeably increase safety standards in your working areas (less circulating vehicles mean limited risks for workers).

Reducing volumes of materials to be disposed in order to have tidier areas (indoor and outdoor), larger spaces and less circulation of heavy vehicles.


Thanks to our cooperation with two leading manufacturers of volume-reduction and compaction machines, we will take your processes to high level of specialization and optimization, key factors to success for most enterprises.

Once more, SIC S.r.l. proves to be a reliable partner offering customized solutions for:



STRAUTMANN, with branches in over 35 countries worldwide, produces vertical and horizontal presses for paper/cardboard, various types of plastic, cans, aluminum and cardboard packers for EPS.
Being Strautmann’s distributors and dealers, we trade vertical and horizontal presses, with pressing power from 3 to 53 tons, and launched on the Italian market AutoLoadBaler, a unique and exclusive patented product that will change the idea of collection and reduction of packaging volumes in factories and large-scale distribution retailers.



HUSMANN, with branches in over 20 countries worldwide, produces static and portable compactors, screw compactors and waste transfer stations.
Being Husmann’s distributors and dealers, we trade standard static and portable compactors and waste transfer stations and launched on the Italian market a unique and exclusive roll packer named GIGANT 1750 GT – for open boxes made of cardboard, wood, sheet metals and hard plastic.


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